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Be an ice cream dream in fashion pastels - Trade alert

Autumn and winter can feel like long seasons in this country, so trade buyers in the jewellery and fashion industries will no doubt be very much looking forward to their opportunity to cast off woolly jumpers and embrace the lighter options of spring.

The warmer months typically offer brighter colours than we tend to see in autumn and winter - plums and rusts get swapped for pinks and oranges to reflect the seasons and the brightness in nature.

However, this usual casting off of darker hues is particularly obvious for SS18 as we prepare for the arrival of ice cream colours in our wardrobes.

A penchant for pastel

Vogue first highlighted the trend last year, when it collated photos of all the biggest catwalks adorned with pistachios, powder blues, lilacs and baby pinks from brands including Victoria Beckham, Hermes and Sies Marjan.

It might be a follow-up to the penchant for 'Millennial pink' we've been seeing lately, but it's a little less forceful and the magazine said the feeling it creates is full of love and joy - truly feel-good fashion.

That's not to say that this type of look is little-girly, though; as La Beckham herself pointed out, "they're ice cream colours but it's not too sweet or saccharine". Indeed, the fact that the colours are so pretty meant that designers were able to get away with style points like shorter hemlines and plunging necklines, which might have looked just too much teamed with darker colours but provide the perfect edge here.

The overall feel is pretty yet powerful, which is something every woman will surely want to identify with and project from her wardrobe. Think along the lines of the ice cream parlour in Grease - preppy, yet with an underlying grittiness - and you should be on the right track.

Getting the look

If you're going for the idea of dressing yourself happy or want to encourage others to do so, then you could go all out and layer up multiple pastel shades in one outfit. For example, you might opt for a pastel pink pleated midi skirt together with a sleeveless mint green shirt and yellow pumps - a veritable ice cream sundae of a look that's sure to turn heads.

This can also work surprisingly well for office attire; a powder blue or pistachio skirt suit is such a welcome change from navy or black and can be toned down with a crisp white shirt and nude shoes.

Alternatively, selecting one ice cream piece can be a good way in to the look if you're unsure. A pink coat will brighten up the gloomiest of days, for instance.

The key is to look for funky fashions that have been cut to prevent them appearing old-fashioned or pyjama-like - these are not the pastels your grandma wore. You can also team them with denim if you want to make them rougher around the edges and avoid any whiffs of prissiness.

Accessories all areas

As you might expect, the jewellery industry is all over the ice cream trend, so wholesale jewellery buyers won't have any trouble stocking up to allow fashionistas to accessorise their outfits.

We've put together a few appropriate pieces to start you off, starting off with this statement necklace that has chunky pink chain links and would look great over a summer dress.

This one is slightly more toned down and classic, yet also offers the pastel pink colour, while this style combines pink with gold and tassels for a perfect summer feel.

Don't forget dangly pastel earrings like these either, as they'll be ideal teamed with an ethereal pink chiffon blouse and pastel cropped trousers.

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