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Dark denim makes a comeback for 2018

If you love your denim but aren't a fan of the stonewashed, 90s-inspired so-called 'mum jeans' that have been in vogue over the past couple of seasons, then you might be interested to hear that you're in luck for 2018 - because dark denim is back.

The catwalks for spring and summer have been dominated by deep indigo denim and black, creating an industrial, raw feel that's a far cry from the grungier, laidback look that paler hues tend to create.

We've spotted dark denim all over the big fashion houses, from Calvin Klein and Tibi to Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen, meaning it's a definite trend for the months ahead.

This is good if you favour a smarter feel to your fashion, as the darker shading and crisper edges somehow automatically make for a more dressed-up look - and many of the designers styled their outfits buttoned up and polished off as a nod to this.

What's more, all of this darker denim was worn either tailored or wide, meaning that it could be set to push skinny jeans off their pedestal, at least for SS18. This is similarly good news if you tend to find the spray-on look a bit unflattering (or you want to be able to get through the day without unfastening your top button after lunch)!

The last time we remember the same trend cropping up en force like this was way back in around 2001, so do stock up and get wearing it if you remember this fondly too and are keen to resurrect it in your own wardrobe.

As for what to team dark denim with, it's super-easy because virtually everything will go with it. You can put a dark denim jacket with camel chinos or a brightly coloured skirt, while black or indigo jeans will appear arresting against a red or white shirt or tee.

Since many pieces have been finished off with contrasting white or yellow stitching, you can also pick out these shades for a crisp finish.

Jewellery and accessories are the same; anything goes, really. However, we love to see silver with darker denim, so try something like this chunky necklace underneath a denim jacket for a fashion-forward feel.

It's great to see indigo back again - and it won't look out of place in the colder weather, so feel free to get ahead and wear it now if you see something you like.