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Fashion goes sheer as 'decent exposure' takes over - Trade alert

When Vogue magazine says something is set to be a trend, it's fair to say that trade buyers and consumers alike sit up and take notice.

However, both sets of fashion enthusiasts might have been a little surprised to hear that a big one for 2018 would be translucent clothing that shows off everything underneath. Yep, the sartorial bible wants us to be walking around exposing our underwear. Well, kind of.

Let's go back to the beginning to explain how the trend came about and how it's actually going to work in practice. Last year, while we were getting out our winter woollies and contemplating Christmas, the big fashion houses were setting up runways to show off SS18 fashions.

This is normal, as everything works at least a season ahead in the fashion industry. Therefore, we expected to see lots of dresses, skirts, little tops and more that would be appropriate for warmer weather.

What we got, though, was clothes that were sheer and see-through.  And because the catwalks are always exaggerations of the trends designers want us to see, those clothes were really see-through. Like, the type you'd probably get arrested for if you tried to wear them in real life and in public.

Everyone from Dolce & Gabbana and Dior to Joseph and Paco Rabanne got involved with this baring nearly all, resulting in 'decent exposure' getting plenty of media exposure.

Thankfully though, every trend that comes from the runways is always diluted somewhat in order to make it suitable for everyday wear - and it's no different in this case. In fact, it's even more important in this case.

As a result, when we saw the first celebs rocking the look on red carpets, there was a lot more elegance and a lot less flesh on show. Instead, the sheer trend offered just a tease of midriff or a flash of thigh.

Kate Bosworth was photographed by Teen Vogue in a dress with sheer detailing around the neckline, for instance, while Kendall Jenner sported a sheer top with a camisole underneath. Mandy Moore also highlighted a slightly more daring look, going for a floaty graphic-print skirt and a black mesh top, protecting her modesty with a chunky black bra beneath it.

To get away with this, the key really is what you wear underneath, which probably explains why big knickers and camis are trending again.

Savvy fashionistas will know that crop tops and nude vests are their friends if they opt for something completely see-through, while the less daring will still be able to get in on the trend using sheer panels in areas like the neckline or around shin-level in skirts if they really don't want to get any body parts out.

Victoria Beckham even had her models wearing two skirts at once - the transparent one on top, obviously - which shows that layering is another way to do it.

And trade buyers in the jewellery industry will be able to offer a further option in the form of see-through accessories, which offers the trend without any risk and is particularly suitable for the workplace.

We've put together a collection to start you off, including this bracelet with translucent beads and this bangle, also with beads but adding a little more structure.

These earrings will offer a glimpse of neck through their rings, while our simple bracelet is highly reflective and offers the illusion of 'barely there'.

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