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Feel the boho chic this autumn with eclectic fabrics and accessories

There are some trends that are so popular they just keep coming back, and boho chic is definitely one of them. Some years the fashion houses go all out with it, while other times it just gets a brief nod with some moccasin boots added to more classic outfits.

This autumn and winter, boho is here for another visit - but it's perhaps more folk-inspired and artsy than has been the case before.

On the AW17 runways, lots of big brands showcased bohemian vibes, including Loewe, Gucci and Valentino, so there's definitely going to be more than a little of it filtering down to the high streets in the coming weeks.

The great news is that it's really easy to wear and looks fab at this time of year when the leaves are turning - so it's your go-to look if you're heading on a seasonal walk to a cosy pub lunch!

Boho is all about throwing different prints, patterns and embellishments together and making it all work, but the colours tend to be very easy-going and suit all age groups. Think rich teals, forest greens, burnished golds, peacock blues and chocolate browns and you'll definitely be on the right track.

And if you bring florals in to your outfit, remember that bigger is better; winter florals tend to be bolder but darker in colour or against more subdued backgrounds, whereas dainty ditsy flowers can appear a little too summery for the look we're going for here.

If you invest in just one piece, you're probably best off seeking out a beautiful maxi dress in a paisley or floral print and made from flowing fabric, as you can then team it with existing denim jackets or cord coats and winter boots.

However, if you're happy adding a few more boho items to your wardrobe, try suede shoulder bags with tassels, Native American-style ankle boots and floppy hats.

Don't forget that eclectic jewellery can really build on that look too. We love this necklace in a mixture of textures and colours, while a hair ornament like this one will allow you to achieve a relaxed updo to finish off your boho vibe.