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How corduroy made a catwalk comeback

It was once the fabric worn by elderly geography teachers everywhere, but corduroy has made a comeback among the cool kids - and it looks like you'll be wanting to add it to your wardrobe very soon.

Prada, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs are just a few of the brands that sent clothes made from cord down their runways for their AW17 collections, ranging from A-line skirts and coats to thick, flared trousers that harked back to the 1970s.

Fashion experts say this is down to a trend for both men and women to sport similar items, with the girls in particular on the lookout for something androgynous.

There has also been a real nod to the seventies in many of the collections seen for this season, so it's perhaps not surprising that corduroy has been resurrected for a whole new audience - it seemed like you couldn't mode for cord during that decade.

The great thing about the fabric, though, is that it's really easy to wear. You'll barely need to make any extra effort in order to incorporate it into your wardrobe for 2017, because it's so very versatile and easy-going.

You can wear it in rich autumnal colours like chocolate brown or rust for a cosy feel, or you can dress it up in pastel hues to create a totally different look.

We love to see wide-leg cord trousers worn with block-heeled loafers, a statement T-shirt and a blazer jacket - it's effortlessly cool and will have you looking like you've stepped off the campus of a US Ivy League college.

For a more formal outfit, try a cord midi skirt and team it with a slim-fitting polo neck, opaque tights, chunky flat boots and a long coat.

If you need more inspiration, there are loads of celebs rocking cord at the moment - we've spotted Rita Ora in cord flares just recently, while Demi Lovato has also been adding it to her wardrobe to excellent effect.

Finally, if you're going for chunkiness in your clothing, it's best to reflect this texture in your accessories. Chunky knit hats will look good, as will sturdy leather bags.

Fine, dainty necklaces and bracelets are likely to look lost against cord, so swap them for something a little more substantial. We love this necklace with a chunky pendant, while this one has a leather cord and a tree to reflect any earth tones you might be wearing.

It's time for corduroy to shed its uncool persona and step into the spotlight.