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How to make a statement with slogans

Fashion boasting slogans is really nothing new. A couple of great examples come from the 1980s, with the 'Frankie Say Relax' and 'Choose Life' T-shirts going on to achieve near-iconic status - the former even featured later in Friends as part of a funny scene involving Ross and Rachel.

However, slogan-related fashion is definitely enjoying a comeback for the 21st century, with seemingly everyone and their mother wearing some kind of phrase on their shirt to make a statement these days.

The catwalks have also been full of them, particularly slogans that aim to empower and display support for movements such as feminism, like 'the future is female' (Chanel).

It appears that as long as you can put a message on your chest and make it some kind of talking point if at all possible, then you're right on-trend.

Perhaps it's something to do with our obsession with social media and especially Instagram, which is built around hashtags and has made us used to getting message across in tiny soundbites that steers us towards slogan-wear, but we can't get enough of it.

How to style a slogan

Slogan T-shirts have been big news in recent months, but it's really getting too cold to head outside with nothing covering your arms. If you want to give yours extra mileage, you might want to put a sweatshirt beneath it, or add a thick coat that you artfully leave open.

Of course, you can always go for a slogan jumper that allows you to make the transition into winter without ditching your message.

It's best to keep things simple if you're making a big statement on your chest - don't mix other trends in with this if you want to avoid creating a hotch-potch that leaves people unsure where to look.

We love the pictures on Instagram that show baggy grey slogan sweatshirts teamed with black skinny jeans, biker boots and chunky scarves - it creates a really edgy feel that's perfect for this type of style.

If you're unsure about displaying an overtly political message, you can always take a leaf out of Naomi Campbell's book and opt for a humorous slogan that's also self-deprecating. She famously went for 'models suck', so choosing something similar will ensure everyone knows you're not taking yourself too seriously.

And of course, this is the perfect time of year for the non-offensive, non-political slogan, since loads of clothing is coming out emblazoned with Christmas phrases that will project a light-hearted feeling. 

'Baby, it's cold outside' lets you get in on the trend without you having to get behind a cause, for instance.

Slogan jewellery

Finally, there's always slogan-inspired jewellery if you're really not the type of person to put any kind of phrasing on your clothes. We love this necklace that says 'hope', while 'dream' might be suitable if you want to project big ambitions.

There's also a 'love' bracelet a la Louise from Sex and the City The Movie and a super-cool 'fearless' bracelet to boost your courage too. You can even wear 'YOLO' on your wrist if this is a social media sentiment you often use to beat away apprehension.

If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, perhaps slogan-wear fashion is truly a trend for you!