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Life could be fantastic in plastic for 2018

It was way back in 1997 that Aqua sang about life being fantastic in plastic - but we had to wait 21 years before the big fashion houses decided they were right.

If you're wondering what we're talking about, we're referring to the fact that there's a pretty strange trend gathering pace for this year. It's certainly one that is likely to divide opinion: clothes, footwear and accessories being made out of see-through plastic and paraded down the catwalks.

We kid you not. Late last year, the big fashion shows in New York and Paris all featured their SS18 collections and many of the designers had added PVC, Perspex or acrylic to the items they had created.

Burberry had raincoats, while Chanel when for capes and boots. There was a transparent clutch bag at Givenchy and Karl Lagerfeld went positively mad with the man-made material, defining his 91 looks with plastic, Vogue reported.

There were even colourful plastic shirts and fisherman-style see-through hats - which could be pretty useful given how wet the spring months can be here in Britain.

Now, you could dismiss the idea of plastic becoming a fashion statement and point out that many of the looks showcased on the runways are 'out there' (and in some cases look like a toddler has gone berserk with their dressing-up box).

However, the interesting thing is that the plastic look is being picked up further down the fashion line and is already trickling down to the high street and celeb early adopters.

We've seen some of the newspaper fashion supplements slipping in plastic belts, vinyl boots and rain macs, not to mention completely see-through bags (not too handy if you need to carry anything remotely private around).

This usually means that we've got a trend on our hands and we'll soon be seeing it on our Instagram feeds, if not investing in it ourselves. Of course, we've seen plastic macs before; they were huge news in the late 1980s. But this is the first time the material has become an all-encompassing part of the outfits we're being told are super-cool.

We'd love to know what you think, because in all honesty, we're not sure. For one thing, have you thought about how sweaty you might get in a plastic shirt or shoes should the sun unexpectedly come out in spring? A layer of visible moisture trapped underneath see-through vinyl would not be a good look.

Also, is it not a little bit disconnected from the environmental movement we're trying to get behind at the moment? Surely excessive amounts of plastic are anathema given the pictures recently released of our oceans being swamped by the stuff?

Anyway, we'll see how the trend pans out and if everyone really does start wearing it all over. And if you want to be in on it but don't do see-through, you could always try plastic accessories. We've got a colourful plastic necklace here and one with almost transparent grey tear drops here. There's also a pretty blue bracelet to finish off your look.