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Styling short hair: How to get used to your new crop

We don't know if you've noticed, but there suddenly seems to be a raft of celebrities opting to have all their hair lopped off. This happens periodically, but since there has been a new crop (sorry) lately, we thought we'd dedicate a post to it - and how to style cropped dos if you're considering emulating them.

Going for the chop

Katie Holmes is the first star on our style radar to have swapped her long tresses for short, although it's for a movie role as opposed to a personal choice. She told People magazine she'll be playing an ex-Marine, so it's only fitting that she should have something to reflect this. However, it's not the first time that Katie has rocked a pixie cut, so she obviously doesn't mind making the change.

Eva Mendes is another famous face to have had a shorter cut recently, posting pics of herself on Instagram with a cute curly do. This is someone really associated with long and lustrous locks, so it's a big departure for the Hitch star - but it certainly suits her.

Meanwhile, Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad have also been spotted with much shorter cuts over the past couple of weeks, although there is speculation that it was a wig for Blake to cover another movie role.

Does a shorter cut make a difference?

You might think that although it's going to cause a stir among your friends and family the first time they see you, a short cut won't actually make that much difference to your everyday life. It's only hair, after all.

However, it's really quite surprising how much a hair overhaul makes you re-evaluate your look and your own personal style. You might find that things you wore without thinking before the chop look completely different now, for better or worse.

For example, anything boxy might appear too masculine or just too much without hair to balance it out above, whereas this wouldn't have been an issue before.

Style tips for short hair

There are scores of articles online about fashion and short hair, so you shouldn't be short of inspiration if you've had a pixie crop or have simply lost a few inches with a stylish bob.

However, we thought we'd round up a few to help you - and, of course, we can help you out in the new accessories department should you require something fresh.

1. Be bold with makeup

You can get away with really bold makeup if you've got short hair, plus it reduces the likelihood of you feeling tomboyish, so feel free to add a swipe of rich lippy or thick liquid eyeliner. It can look too much with longer hair, but you'll get away with it now.

2. Change up your accessories

Short cuts leave you with a lot more neck on show, so skip the dainty pendants and sport a chunky necklace instead. This multi-layered one will show up, while this big pendant is sure to look great against a plain-coloured outfit.

You might find yourself leaning towards more statement earrings than was the case before too, so don't be afraid to try a chandelier. However, steer clear of big necklaces and big earrings at the same time, as it might appear OTT.

3. Embrace strapless and backless

Since you won't have hair covering up your back and shoulders, you'll really get the full effect of strapless or backless outfits for evening attire or daywear. Now could be the ideal time to stock up on them - although you might need a coat for over the top!

4. Try a collar

Bejewelled collars are a big trend right now, but they can get a bit lost if you have long hair. This isn't the case with a crop, though, so why not give them a try? And if you haven't anything like this in your wardrobe, you could always create the look with a collar necklace.

5. Tip your hat

Finally, although we're not trying to suggest that you'll want to cover up your new do (it will look fabulous!), there's no denying that hats suit short hair - they just look stylish and edgy rather than boho. If you've never really worn hats, now is the perfect time to give one a chance - you might as well sample another complete departure. Fedoras are perfect, as are baker boy styles - and you can jazz yours up with a funky hatpin.

So, there we have it. Choose your hairdo, follow this advice and you'll be rocking a crop in no time.