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Trade alert: Classic elegance and a touch of top trends prevail at the Golden Globes

The festive season might be over, but there is a spark of excitement here at Majique nevertheless. Why? Because that means it's time for awards season to begin again, which in turn equals lots of fabulous jewellery for us to admire.

We've already had the first show of 2019, with the Golden Globes having taken place over the weekend in Los Angeles.

As usual, the stars were out in force for the ceremony and to see their fellow actors rewarded with gongs, with plenty of prizes given out to people we love to watch on the silver and small screens.

We were mostly interested in the outfits and accessories, though - and we were rewarded with plenty of gorgeous, classic looks, but also some bang on-trend pieces that will no doubt have costume jewellery buyers eager to stock up in a bid to emulate them.

Perhaps the stand-out piece of the whole show was Lady Gaga's bespoke Tiffany diamond necklace, which was worth a staggering £3.9 million and included a whopping 20-carat diamond in the centre.

Many other actresses opted for diamonds too, leaving the whole ceremony feeling very old-school Hollywood and totally glamorous.

Another big trend at the Golden Globes was emeralds, with Saiorse Ronan, Jodie Comer, Michelle Yeoh and Catherine Zeta Jones all opting to wear the green stone in various different pieces to excellent effect.

We did see some more contemporary accessories too, notably lots of stacked bangles and the layered necklaces that are fast becoming a must-have for all occasions. Plenty of stars also opted to wear multiple earrings as opposed to just one in each lobe, which created a fashion-forward look ideal for younger women.

Of course, as we look ahead to the Producers Guild Awards next week and then the Oscars in February, costume jewellery buyers will be seeking to emulate the looks popularised in the media in order to provide their customers with the pieces they see on their favourite celebrities.

You can easily do this at Majique, where we keep a range of awards show lookalikes in stock all year round. For example, this rose gold-toned bangle has a green stone that will create that Golden Globes feel and would be perfectly complemented by these green stud earrings.

We also have dazzling diamante necklaces for special occasions and a host of stacked bangles, meaning we'll have something for your customers no matter what their taste.

Why not give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your requirements today?