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Trade alert: Fab florals make us all feel fresh

It's hard to believe that spring is almost over and meteorological summer is upon us - it doesn't seem too long since we were all digging our driveways clear of snow.

However, perhaps as a result of all that bad weather, we're well and truly ready to embrace the great British summertime. The sun has already been scorching this month, we've had a royal wedding and the Chelsea Flower Show has been inspiring us all to get out into our gardens - we want to cast off spring and welcome Flaming June.

Not only are we preparing to kick back and relax on these longer days, but we're also incorporating all things summer into our fashion. We've had the splashes of colour that spring brings, with yellows, lilacs and fresh greens reflecting flowers like daffodils and crocuses, but things tend to get a bit bolder at this time of year.

As jewellery buyers, we know you'll be wanting to stock up on accessories that feature bigger, brighter blooms and more of a tropical palette of colours. It's what your customers are sure to be looking for as the warmest months of the year approach and they put together outfits for summer evenings in beer gardens, at garden parties or at weddings.

Take inspiration from the gossip pages if you want to encourage shoppers to take the plunge and invest in something flowery, as celebrities including Princess Eugenie, Alexa Chung, Lorraine Kelly and Olivia Munn have all been spotted in floral fashion recently - why not put pictures of them up alongside suggestions of lookalike pieces?

It's also a good idea to provide ideas of entire looks so that people can match their clothing to new pieces of fashion jewellery they want to buy. Whether you do this with mannequins dressed up in hot summer clothes or simply with mood boards, it can really influence anyone who's unsure about what to invest in for summer 2018.

For instance, you could put wide-legged floral palazzo pants with tie-fronted white or denim shirts and then suggest flattering necklaces and earrings to match, or team pretty tea dresses with delicate 1940s-style jewellery to inspire people in the mood for making a purchase.

At Majique, we have plenty of floral jewellery in stock to help you prepare as the weather continues to improve. To start with, these black flower earrings with added sparkle would be perfect against blocks of bright colour in the evenings, while this green blossom ring is sure to complement shades of aqua and denim.

More of a statement can be made with a necklace like this one, which has lots of big flowers nestled around a gold tone chain and will look striking against a simple sun dress.

We also love this rose bracelet in peach with bezel-style glass stones, as it's ideal for all occasions and is just so pretty.

Get your stock ready for summer now and you should have the sun worshippers flocking your way for accessories. Now, who's ready for a cocktail?