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Trade alert: Jewellery presents a splash of colour this season

There are some seasons when the basic settings of jewellery do the talking - when we enjoy the simplicity and sophistication of dainty pieces in silver, gold or rose gold tones without much other adornment.

However, A/W18-19 isn't going to be one of those seasons. In fact, there are raucous splashes of colour everywhere you look thanks to collections of gemstones being copied from the catwalks.

Whether it's rings or earrings, tennis bracelets or necklaces, colourful jewellery is having a real moment in the jewellery world - and it's a trend we're very much looking forward to embracing.

On the runways, we saw Cartier and Boucheron go for a real luxe look by using black onyx against carnelian, while Chanel and Louis Vuitton demonstrated moonstone alongside brightly-hued faceted glass stones.

Jade was also huge news and was chosen by a raft of big designers, so much so that it could be singled out as a fashion trend in its own right for this autumn and winter.

Other precious gems gracing the bodies of the models included labradorite and amethyst, although glass imitations also took their place alongside these rarer beauties without appearing out of place.

It also seemed like bright violet was enjoying a last hurrah for this season, which is nice for autumn thanks to its rich tones. You'll remember, of course, that it has been Pantone's colour of the year for 2018, so this might be a good time to choose it as the year draws to a close.

The overall look was elegant, feminine and luxurious yet also eclectic - think about the style an heiress might have been rocking in the early 20th century and you won't be far off.

We love this opportunity to really glam up an outfit using jewellery, as it harks back to the days of playing dress-up with mum's accessories as a child. Plus it's a great way to complement your party outfits or even a boring suit at the office, obviously.

For the jewellery buyers among you, we're sure your customers are going to love the coloured jewellery look too, so why not stock up in time for autumn and winter proper? We've got loads of colourful fashion jewellery here at Majique, including this pretty jade green bracelet, and these very 1930s green earrings.

We also love these purple gem-style earrings and this necklace to complement it if you want something suitable for this month onwards.

Buy now and lat your store become a riot of colour before 2018 is out.