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Trade alert: Top trends for the warmer months ahead

We've been talking a lot about upcoming trends for next autumn and winter lately, so we thought it's high time we pulled our focus back to the here and now and started thinking about what's hot for this spring and summer.

Jewellery buyers keen to keep on top of the latest fashions will no doubt already be putting their look books together and placing orders for unusual jewellery their clients will love, but we're here to help if you want something that little bit quirky based on the catwalks from big designers.

Here is a quick roundup of four of our favourite looks that you're sure to see plenty of as the snow subsides and makes way for what we hope is some great weather ahead.

1. Trench coats

If there's one thing about us Brits, it's that we know it's always a good idea to have some kind of coat close to hand, summer or no. The trench is the perfect garment for the warmer months, as it's shower-proof yet lightweight and small enough to fold into a tote bag should the sun decide to reappear.

Trench coats were all over the runways for this year, with Alexander McQueen and Celine notable design houses to be making the most of them. Some had puffed sleeves or embroidery, while others were colourful - and some were just your classic trench that will go with everything.

Jewellery-wise, we love to see smart jewellery with a trench coat, so something like this set featuring a necklace and earrings with stars would be perfect. This necklace in chunky brown and gold tones would also pair well with a traditional camel-hued coat.

2. Colour blocking is back

Colour blocking was last a big trend circa 2009, but it's back with a vengeance this spring and summer. The colours need to be bright, though, so feel free to clash as much as you like and ignore the advice your mum gave you about certain hues not being seen together.

Anything goes - and you can even choose a single block of colour like red all over if you're feeling really daring.

Team bold brights with a necklace like this red style, or this one that's multi-coloured for maximum impact. We also have this Crayola-esque bracelet to liven up your wrist.

3. Shorts

You might not see many mini skirts this year, because shorts are well and truly back in vogue. This is great, because they're just more practical overall. You can also opt for different leg lengths and fabrics to make shorts suitable for all occasions, from a day at the beach to a day in the office.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you see a return of that old 90s staple, the cycling short, because some of the biggest designers featured them on their catwalks for this year.

In terms of accessories, you can match up your jewellery to your general look here; denim shorts call for a casual feel, while tailored styles can be dressed up with more classic pieces. This big silver leaf necklace has a summery feel for weekend shorts, while this one is like a collar and would be ideal with a T-shirt and chino-style shorts.

4. Feeling fruity

This last one is a bit of a novelty trend, but it's fun and worth a mention. Apparently, fruit and in particular bananas were all over the runways for SS18, meaning it's now filtering down to the high street.

Prada and Fendi are among the brands to be getting in on the tongue-in-cheek looks and many summery garments are going to be looking fruity as a result.
This isn't likely to be something that lasts and becomes classic, but it's a laugh for now and could look totally tropical if we get a good summer.

If you want to get in on the action, you can try this sparkly fruit ring for starters and see what the reception's like from there!

We'd love to know what the jewellery buyers among you think of these trends - and how you'll be adding them to your product range from SS18. As always, you can sign up to our newsletter here for more fashion news.