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Trend for side partings really shows off this season's earrings

If there's one thing we love more than actually having new jewellery, it's showing it off. There's nothing nicer than having somebody spot your necklace or earrings on a night out or at work and paying you a compliment.

Helpfully, if you're investing in some new earrings for the party season this year, there's a new hairdo trend that could have been tailor made to display them to their full advantage: the low side parting.

According to Harper's Bazaar, this is the must-try hair look for winter 2017, meaning you're probably going to be seeing a lot in the coming weeks. What's more, it's really easy to do, unlike some of the styles we've felt obliged to try over the years that required a very long time in front of the mirror.

All it involves is bringing all your hair forward, picking a parting that's quite a bit further over than your usual, and then brushing it all into a neat, uniform line. That's it, although you can then obviously go further and do a quick bun or style the shifted-over hair into waves or a sleek sheet.

The side parting has been all over the runways of the likes of Carolina Herrera and plenty of celebrities have already been photographed showing it off.

And not only could we admire their hair, but it also gave us a great look at what earrings they had chosen so we could emulate them, too.

Alexa Chung opted for a side parting with her hair down and tucked behind her ears, which somehow made her look completely different than usual. She had gold forward-facing hoops in her ears and you can get a similar style here.

Kaia Gerber opted for a more sleek, mirror-effect blow-dry and this was perfectly reflected in her jewellery: sparkly ear climbers, which you can emulate by heading to this page.

Hailey Baldwin had her side-parted hair up and in a simple bun, but she really went all out with her earrings by wearing multiple styles across her numerous piercings. One was a long drop style and then the rest were sparkly studs. If you've got your ears pierced more than once, you can copy this look, or just get a long drop look with these pretties.

Finally, Gal Gadot looked absolutely beautiful with her dark hair swept sideways and off her face, a look that was complemented by a black trouser suit and red lipstick. She didn't wear any jewellery, but we'd have added these gold-toned earrings for a touch of the Wonder Woman.

What do you think? We're all for a look that gives us more time to get ready of an evening (or morning), so we say bring on the side partings!