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Watches still rule - and you can team them with bracelets too

Since we all now carry smartphones as a matter of course, it's easy to find out what time it is - a quick glance at the screen will show us in all its digital glory.

You might have thought that the ongoing rise of the iPhone and other devices is spelling the end of the line for the humble wristwatch - after all, what's the point of wearing one if you don't need it?

However, it seems this isn't the case at all. Rather than getting ditched, people are still loving wristwatches because it's another way of expressing their personality and enjoying another piece of what's effectively jewellery.

The Telegraph quoted figures from search engine Lyst showing that page views for analogue watches were up 28 per cent year-on-year, despite our penchant for all things digital.

Tatler's watch editor Pip Durell told the paper: "A wristwatch isn't made redundant by advancing technology. If anything it's an even more covetable piece of luxury that people want in their daily life."

Harrods also said it has seen an increase in watch buying lately, particularly bracelet models and in yellow gold tones.

If you like the idea of wearing a watch but love your bracelets and assumed you couldn't have both, then it's time to think again, particularly with watches having such a fashion moment.

Just like you layer your other items of jewellery, you can layer watches and bracelets too - as long as you follow a few simple tips and tricks.

First of all, choose bracelets that won't crash about and damage your watch. Bangles are too hard and inflexible, but friendship bracelet styles like this one would be perfect. It's soft and can also be adjusted to stay put higher up your wrist.

Another good tip is to reduce the number of bracelets you would usually wear if you're used to stacking. Although we're all for chunky, too busy is never ideal, so it's probably best to stick to around three.

Also, put your bracelets closest to your hand rather than at either side of your watch, as everything can appear too squeezed in otherwise and your timepiece won't stand out as it should.

Finally, consider your colours and materials if you want to appear coordinated. If you have a metal watch, try adding bracelets in a similar material, such as this rose gold style if your timepiece is blush-toned.

On the other hand, bracelets with leather cord straps will look great alongside - you guessed it - watches that also fasten using leather.

It's easier than you think to accessorise a watch, so feel free to give one a try this winter.