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Why you should definitely try wearing red for AW17

There's always a 'colour of the season' that comes to the fore at this time of year, just in time for us looking for scrummy new things with which to fill our autumn wardrobes.

For AW17, it's definitely red. This hue was all over the catwalks as summer came to an end and the big fashion houses started to preview their latest trends.

Fendi, Roksanda, MaxMara and Preen all sent an array of red items down their autumn and winter runways, while Givenchy went all out and clad their models in the colour from head to toe - clearly a statement that they can still make a splash without Riccardo Tisci.

Your automatic reaction might be to shy away from this and assume it's not for us mere mortals. After all, red is really bold and a bit daunting, right? Actually, you'd be surprised. In fact, it's one of the most flattering colours for all skin tones, especially if it's a true primary red that lies in the middle of the spectrum (the science part).

All you have to do to succeed in wearing this season's most on-trend colour is ensure you pick a shade that is right for your skin tone, especially for items of clothing right next to your face.

For blondes or those with light brown hair and pale eyes, pick reds with blue undertones rather than the orangey ones. On the other hand, you'll look fab in orangey reds if you have red hair.

Brunettes should try claret or raspberry reds, which really are everywhere at the moment as those catwalk looks filter down to the high street.

If you feel really daring, try all-over red like Givenchy. It's perfect for really standing out and you can get a high-fashion look by varying the fabrics and shades.

Alternatively, you can opt to wear splashes of red, such as a red shirt with jeans or a red dress with black patent boots and opaque tights.

Jewellery is ideal for getting yourself into wearing red, as it's easy to add to your wardrobe and provides that pop of colour without being too much of a jump from your usual attire at first.

We love this red tassel necklace in a deep red with black, while these beautiful earrings offer a softer hue that would be perfect for a casual outfit.

Why not give red a go for AW17 and see if you enjoy being a scarlet - or claret, or raspberry - woman!