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What do you need to know about skewed hemlines?

We're used to hemlines being straight or - at the most - asymmetrical, but the rule book has been thrown out the window this season. Skirts and dresses have been given a high fashion shake-up, resulting in more unusual hemlines that are a statement in themselves.

Showcased in the designer collections of Louis Vuitton, Simone Rocha and Loewe - among others - the skewed hemline trend is the perfect look to go for if you want to mix your look up in an easy way. 

Uneven, layered, torn and ragged hemlines are all great looks and can easily elevate even the most subtle ensembles. They can also be used throughout numerous styles, giving you a great way to experiment with your wardrobe for SS17.

So how exactly do you go about styling skewed hemlines? 

Ruffles will do the trick

If you aren't sure where to start off, ruffles are a good choice for experimenting with this style. Ruffles are a trend in themselves this season, but they also create an uneven hemline that has plenty of movement. 

From flowing dresses to layered looks and pencil skirts with a twist, ruffles can easily update any outfit and make sure you fit with two trends.

Skewed can be simple

Your skewed hemline doesn't need to be over the top. Simple still works, as plenty of designers have found. Subtle slits, slight waterfall styles and soft asymmetric looks will work with this type of outfit and are good options for casual wear.

Match your hemline with the look

If you're wearing a smart outfit that is meant to be chic and elegant, wearing a crazy ragged hemline isn't necessarily going to work with it. Outfits that use clean lines and great tailoring should have this reflected in the hemline, even if it is skewed.

Similarly, boho-style outfits work great with slightly more out-there hemline options. This means you need to think about the overall effect you want to create and match your statement hemline to it.

Whatever your hemline looks like this season, don't forget to find your favourite jewellery from our collection to complete your look