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Trade alert: Feel the love with heart-shaped jewellery

We often see a trend for motifs in the world of jewellery. This spring and summer, for instance, tassels were huge news and adorned everything from earrings to chokers.

However, with the change of seasons comes a desire to bring in something new - and for autumn and winter 18-19, it seems designers were really feeling the love.

Hearts are now appearing on all different styles of fashion jewellery, making for a sweet yet stylish look that will suit all ages.

If you need evidence of this, look no further than the Royal Family. The new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was spotted wearing heart-shaped leaf earrings and a heart-shaped signet ring during her trip to Australia recently, underlining the fact that she's still in the honeymoon period with Prince Harry.

The Queen herself also got in on the trend somewhat, sporting a roughly heart-shaped brooch to granddaughter Eugenie's wedding last month.

It incorporates a heart-shaped diamond and is a favourite piece of jewellery with the monarch, who also typically wears it each year to Balmoral. We thought it was a nice touch and a nice statement to make on a day of love.

The trend seems to have begun where they all do - on the world's biggest runways. French super-brand Balenciaga went big on hearts on its AW18-19 catwalks, sending its models strutting along wearing heart-shaped hoop earrings and a number of other styles, both bejewelled and more dainty.

Of course, this then made its way to the high street and subsequently our Instagram feeds, which means fashionistas everywhere are eager to get in on the craze.

Luckily for the fashion and jewellery buyers among you looking to stock up on collections with which to fill your stores, we have plenty at Majique to keep you going all autumn and winter.

Our complete collection of heart-themed necklaces is here - look out for this unusual style with a red chain and sparkly heart in particular.

We also like this piece with multiple small hearts that appear to be floating on a series of layered strands.

These earrings are very similar to some we have seen in the fashion mags, while these offer a more delicate design that would be perfect for work or everyday.

Finally, we have loads of heart-shaped bracelets so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve. This one is a big favourite on our site in a friendship style.

Why not give hearts a try this season and see if you too can feel the love?