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Trade alert: Sweet spring silvers

If last year was all about rose gold for jewellery buyers keen to stay on top of the biggest trends, then this year it's definitely silver's turn to take time in the limelight.

The metallic look is once again big news for the fashion world, but we're moving away from the warmer look that golds and coppers evoke towards a cooler finish that's ideal for both spring and summer.

However, whereas we might have seen silver looking delicate and girly in the past, that's not the case for SS18. Instead, silver jewellery is edgy in attitude - it's there to make a statement, rather than solely as a finishing touch.

Maybe it's because some of the trends in clothing are so floaty and ethereal, but everything we've seen for this season is eccentric, hippy and offbeat - it's almost New Age with a nod to Wiccan and Pagan motifs, which we love here at Majique.

That's not to say that this season's silver is difficult to wear, though. In fact, this is far from the truth as you'll find it really easy to incorporate into any look, be it daytime or evening.

Silver can be glam and reflective enough to catch the light on a disco ball, but it can also evoke an elegance and poise that's ideal for the contemporary woman. What's more, it perfectly complements lots of different colours as well as being great on its own.

For instance, silver looks fantastic with cool blues and crisp whites, so teaming it with an A-line denim skirt and a white shirt will make for the perfect off-duty outfit come a sunny weekend.

On the other hand, it also makes a real statement when you put it with black - you can make this type of style red carpet-glam or rock chick, depending on what you fancy, but it'll definitely get you through any event you have coming up over the warmer months.

This is something that's been perfectly demonstrated at the year's big awards ceremonies so far, with plenty of sparkly silver going on at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in LA. Chrissy Teigan - supermodel and wife of John Legend - in particular was a celeb who showed off silver to its fullest, using it to complement her white gown.

The Golden Globes was another event where accessorising was all about silver. This was an interesting one, because the #MeToo movement meant the majority of attendees wore black, so jewellery, shoes and bags were their big chance to get themselves noticed.

Since silver looks so good with black, many opted for this metal in their necklaces, earrings and clutches - Barbara Meier, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis were notable examples. 

We think it's definitely worth stocking up on unusual silver jewellery if you want to catch the eyes of consumers this season, so we've come up with a capsule silver accessories wardrobe to help you out.

This bangle is ideal for creating the rock chick feel alongside short skirts and white shirts, while this bracelet made of hearts will create a sweeter vibe and could easily translate to officewear.

These earrings are really going to turn heads, as will these in a geometric, almost Ancient Egyptian style and a more matte metal.

If you want mixed textures, this necklace is made up of polished and matte circles and will suit evening or daytime attire.

Finally, this necklace has two silver crescent moons and is going to be great for anyone who likes something a bit different (we saw a similar one on TV show This Is Us recently, as well as on The Last Jedi).

Silver is really easy to wear and looks great on everyone, so you're definitely going to be seeing plenty of it for SS18 - why not stock up now to get ahead of the trend? And if you want more news about what's hot in the world of fashion jewellery, sign up to our newsletter here.