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Why everyone needs a camel coat for winter

The sudden cold snap across the country means almost all of us will now be reaching for a winter coat to keep us warm against the elements. And if you haven't yet got yours, you might be heading to the shops pretty sharpish if your autumn jacket just isn't cutting it!

What to choose can be something of a dilemma, as there are so many styles available. Do you go for a high-fashion look that might be out of vogue in just a few months, or a classic piece that you'll be able to reach for season after season?

Well, if you're really struggling, you can't go wrong with a camel coat. Whether it's in wool, felt or canvas like a trench coat, this colour is a real failsafe and will always score you maximum style points too.

If further proof were needed, Vogue magazine spotted Sienna Miller wearing a gorgeous camel coat in New York just this week, which she teamed with a black fuzzy jumper and wide-leg grey trousers.

And Pinterest even recently released search data ahead of its UK Style Awards showing that the camel coat is the most searched-for coat design among its 175 million users.

A camel coat will see you through months of daily wear and can really lift an outfit, but it's practical too so won't leave you feeling as though you can't go about your usual business or you need to save it for best.

It will match with almost anything and can look completely different depending on how you style it. For instance, try all black underneath for a Parisian feel, or mix it up with leather to appear effortlessly cool.

If you wear camel over earth tones, it will also look folksy and more bohemian, so it's perfect if this is more your thing than formal attire.

By now, we hope to have persuaded you that this wardrobe staple is one you need to have in your collection - so we'd better offer you some advice on accessories to finish off the look!

As we've said, camel goes with everything, but you can pick up its tones with beige or gold. This necklace has gold-toned large beads, while our mesh bracelet will match the hue and also has a bit of sparkle inside.

Enjoy your new coat, whatever style you go for!