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3 tips for wearing your slogan T-shirt

You might be surprised to find that slogan tops are the hottest new item for SS17. Whereas previously T-shirts featuring a funny or brand-led slogan have mostly been worn by teenagers, they are now making their way onto catwalks.

This means that the new season is the right time to start experimenting with slogan T-shirts of your own. However, they aren't as easy to pull off as you might think, so here are three quick tips to ensure you still look stylish:

If they aren't your style, don't try

If you're someone who tends to dress to the nines or opt for a dress, jumpsuit or playsuit more often than not, you might not find that slogan T-shirts are the right fit.

They may be on-trend, but if you don't feel comfortable in them or if they don't suit the rest of your wardrobe, give them a miss to avoid looking and feeling awkward.

Have fun with it

What's the point in wearing a slogan if you're not going to have fun? Many of this season's favourites mean you'll be poking fun at yourself and this is a great way to have a laugh with your fashion. 

Style doesn't always have to be serious.

Keep it simple

The best way to wear slogan tops is to ensure the slogan is doing all the talking. Avoid going too over the top with colours or accessories as this can derail your message and unbalance your look as a whole.

This means keeping your jewellery simple and ensuring it doesn't cover up part of your slogan. Something like our silver and rose gold beaded bracelet is a great option and it can still be layered up with other bracelets to add more texture to your outfit.

If slogan tees sound like your sort of style, accessorise them with jewellery from our summer collection