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80s-inspired jewellery you need to own

The 1980s are back in a big way when it comes to fashion, so it makes sense for you to add some retro style to your jewellery collection this season. While the decade may have brought with it a few fashion disasters, the looks have been refined for SS17 so they can work with most trends for SS17.

Oversized pieces, bright colours and plenty of personality are all key factors when it comes to 80s-inspired jewellery, so you've got plenty of options when it comes to creating your look. To help you rock this trend and look great while doing so, here are some of the pieces you need to own:

The bigger the better

The 1980s were the decade for oversized and super glitzy earrings - after all, they needed something to balance out the shoulder pads! This means that chandelier earrings are must-haves this season, whether you're putting together an outfit for day or night. 

Try pieces like our silver crystal and pearl statement earrings to dress up your look and embrace 80s glamour. 

Links of gold

One staple of 1908s jewellery were gold chains. While there were loads of different designs, it seemed like every jewellery box has at least one gold chain in it during the decade, with them working with fancy pant suits or dressed down styles.

This season, combine the 80s trend with the penchant for rose gold and add a modern touch to this look with our large link rose gold necklace. The simple chain design is really versatile and is easy to throw on with anything. 

Get chunky

The oversized jewellery doesn't end with earrings and necklaces, though, as you also need a chunky bracelet in your collection. Of course, you also need to rock some yellow gold to truly embrace the 1980s, which is why our gold statement stretchy bracelet is a must. 

Team it with a gold chain necklace, a power suit and some big hair and you'll look like you've stepped back in time!

Find your must-wear 1980s-inspired jewellery in our latest collection. Shop it here