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Add some colour to your spring style

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to start embracing colour, even if you only want to do so in small doses. Brighter days help to really let splashes of colour shine whether you go for something subtle or a stand-out shade.

While you could wear colour throughout your entire outfit, there are some great on-trend ways to add just a touch to ensembles. This is ideal if you tend to stick to one shade when it comes to clothing, if you need to dress in a certain way for work or if you aren't really one for experimenting with colour usually.

Whatever your style or favourite colour, follow our tips to add a splash of different shades to your SS17 wardrobe and look fab when you do:

Statement lips

Bright lipstick is a fun and interesting way to add colour to your wardrobe without impacting the look of the rest of your outfit. Rather than just standard shades like red and pink, think more outside the box with blue, purple, yellow, orange and green. For an even more interesting look, wear these tones in a metallic finish. 

Bold sunglasses

We all need a pair of sunglasses at the ready during the sunny season to protect our eyes, but they also help complete spring and summer outfits. When picking your pair for the season, look at sunglasses that feature bright colours, whether throughout the frames or lenses.

Cinching colour

Belts that cinch your waist in to create an hourglass effect are a big part of this season's trends, so combine styles and pick a brightly coloured belt that will instantly transform your outfit as well as your silhouette. 

Shocking shoes

Shoes that stand out are must-haves for SS17, so combine the splash of colour trend with stunning footwear. It doesn't matter if you opt for flats, sandals or chunky heels, incorporate some colour and complete your look. 

Bright jewellery

Nothing provides the perfectly brightly coloured finishing touch quite like jewellery. Whether you're dressing up for a night on the town or just opting for jeans and a T-shirt, your jewellery can totally change your style. 

Pieces like our cobalt blue drop earrings or fuschia and gold pendant necklace will help to add a splash of colour to any style.

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