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Be ready for Autumn: AW16 biggest trends

With September drawing to a close, it's time to admit that autumn is now here. While you may not look forward to the shorter days, bad weather and cold temperatures, the new season also means the need for a new wardrobe.

There are loads of stunning trends that are about to become big, with designers putting their best looks on the catwalk for the last few months. While not all high fashion looks work for a run to the supermarket or the office, there are a lot of styles that you need to wear this season.

Here are some of the best trends for AW16 that you definitely need to be wearing:

Here kitty kitty kitty

Cat lovers can rejoice because kitty-themed fashion is one of the biggest styles of the season. Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy and Loewe all sent models down the runway with cats on their clothes, meaning all the crazy cat ladies out there can show their true colours this season. 

From clothing that has images of kitties on it, themed jewellery and big cat prints, there are so many different ways you can rock this trend. It gives you plenty of options for injecting a bit of fun into your wardrobe and embracing the kitsch side of life, so don't be put off wearing this look.

Cinched in

A look that may not be for everyone but that has been showcased by Alexander McQueen, Versace and Preen is corsetry. Rather than wearing corsets to cinch in your waist underneath your outfit, this season is all about wearing them over the top of your dress.

Not only does this give you a nice shape - whether you tighten it or not - it helps to create a stunning contrast between the structured corset and the flowing material of a skirt. You can heighten this contrast even more by choosing a corset with an intricate design that clashes in an artistic way.

Of course, you can go super chic with the look too by teaming your corset with wide-legged trousers and a tailored jacket, which will create a red carpet-worthy ensemble.

Modern goth

If you aren't a fan of the colourful trends that are coming out for AW16, you might find the modern goth style more to your liking. While the basis of this look is layering up different shades of black, you also need a flair for the dramatic as designers like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs embraced theatrical designs on the runway.

Every part of your look needs to embrace the goth vibe, from your buckled platform boots to your military-style jacket, full-length lace gloves and black eyeliner. While you can certainly tone it down a little bit, the overall trend is fun and should be embraced for all its quirky style.

Velvet feels

When it comes to fabric, this season is all about creating a luxe feel, so it's probably no surprise that velvet is in. This interesting fabric creates great textures and easily contrasts with prints and other materials, even if you feature it in small amounts.

Ellery, Valentino and Roksanda all showcased velvet as part of their collection, using it in everything from dresses, boots, suits and bags, showing you just how versatile it can be. Wear it in deep tones like red, green and purple to really step up the luxury factor and you'll be onto a winner. 

Of course, to finish your on-trend AW16 look, you need the right jewellery. Shop our latest collection to complete your autumn wardrobe.