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Can you still wear jewellery with sportswear?

Not only is sportswear practical for those going to the gym and comfortable when you want something casual, it is also on-trend for SS17. Chic sportswear has graced the runway for the season, with Versace, Dior and Gucci all showing that sport style is very much in. 

From fencing to running, sportswear has been taken to the extreme by designers, who have combined it with numerous other trends for the summer to create both wearable and outlandish ensembles. 

It isn't just the catwalk that is showing off sports clothing either, as the high street has jumped on this trend too. Running leggings, racer back tops, glitzy trainers and fitted tracksuit tops all give you a chance to look fab and sporty even when you're just chilling out in the sun.

But what does the sportswear trend mean for accessories? After all, can you still wear jewellery if the style of the season is designed to make it look like you're going for a jog?

Keep things simple

The key with jewellery for sportswear is to keep it simple. While you can wear chandelier earrings or statement necklaces with this look, it is a bit much and doesn't really work with the chic look used by designers.

Instead, opt for simple and subtle items - such as gold tone stud earrings - to help play up the sports angle but still put the focus on fashion. 

Less is more

While boho chic and festival fashion is all about layering up different jewellery, you should stick with the less is more approach for sportswear. One or two subtle items of jewellery are perfect, adding just the right touch of glitz.

Wear your earrings with something like our simple leather cord choker for a look that is totally on-trend but still subtle.

Stick with soft shades

When it comes to colour, you also want to take a subtle approach. A lot of sportswear styles feature flashes of bright shades, so teaming them with bold jewellery is likely to create an unflattering clash. 

Wear simple colours like blacks, browns and greys or just stick with classic metallics with pieces like our silver bar pendant necklace.

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