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Colour-clashing rules you need to follow

If you're a fan of colour, one of the biggest SS17 trends has got you covered. Colour clashing is one of the must-wear styles this season, allowing you to brighten up your wardrobe and wear all your favourite shades. But how do you clash colours in a fashionable way?
While the choices are seriously endless when it comes to clashing your colours, not doing so with a plan can make your outfit look like a headache. The goal is to be fashion forward, so follow our tips to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Choose one main contrasting shade

Colour clashing isn't as difficult as people often make out, especially if you remember this one rule. Picking one shade that really stands out against the others you're wearing creates an effective look and ensures you make a statement.
This colour should be on the opposite side of the spectrum - such as wearing orange with blue tones - helping you combine warm and cold shades effectively. Whether you wear your statement colour on a large or small item, ensure it is in the front and centre of your look to really make an impact.

Mix shades from the same family

When it comes to the other colours featured in your clashing ensemble, it is a good idea to choose shades that are all from the same colour family, such as blues, reds, greens, etc. This ensures that they all work together and heighten the impact of your contrasting colour.
You might think this is a bit safe and won't create a real clashing look, however, the fact that there are so many shades of purple to choose from - including those that are warmer and cooler - means you'll still pull off this trend. Combining several 'similar' shades will help to create a cohesive outfit that isn't a confused mix of colours.

Don't forget your jewellery and accessories 

Colour clashing doesn't start and end with your clothing. Your jewellery and accessories need to fit with the style as well. This means picking items that also create a great contrast, whether they are the same shade as your statement tone or work with your background colours. 
While you can simply wear silver, gold or rose gold - depending on what works best with your outfit - experimenting with your jewellery can really lift your ensemble. Of course, you can also use jewellery to create a clash if you're wearing simple or neutral colours, as pieces like our multi-coloured acrylic chain statement necklace will brighten up any outfit.

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