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Embrace the summer in seaside stripes

When it comes to summer, we all love taking a trip to the seaside. There's nothing better than soaking up the sun while enjoying an ice cream, even if the water is too cold for you to have a swim.

Unfortunately, we can't all spend every day by the beach, but you can still embrace seaside-inspired style. Seaside stripes are one of the hottest trends for SS17, allowing you to wear a simple pattern and great summer colours. 

Rather than standard pinstripes, seaside styles combine stripes of different sizes, which allows them to include more colours and create more texture. However, the look is still reasonably simple and easy to pull off for both day and night.

Possibly the best thing about seaside stripes is that they work with almost any colour combination, especially ice cream shades of pastels and classic red and white. This means you can be as colourful or subtle as you like while still rocking the trend.

But with so much detail included in this style, how do you go about accessorising it? 

One of the easiest ways is to opt for simple jewellery as this won't take too much attention away from the stripes. Pieces like our abstract rose gold statement necklace are great options, with the colour being another trend for the season.

However, you can still combine jewellery with more detail, so long as you do so in a balanced way. Rather than a chunky and heavily detailed necklace that might be too over-the-top, choose earrings as these won't disrupt the flow of your stripes. This means you can get away with wearing these blue and grey crystal statement earrings.

Of course, one of the best ways to accessorise seaside stripes is to wear rings. Whether you love the multi-ring look, are a fan of huge statement pieces or prefer subtle metallic bands, you can't go wrong when wearing rings with stripes. 

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