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Hang loose and take it to the max: How to style cold shoulder looks

Off-the-shoulder styles are nothing new, but they are one of the hottest SS17 trends. Cold shoulder looks are taking the high street and catwalk by storm this season, offering the perfect outfit choice for summer. 
The main way the cold shoulder style differs from other off-the-shoulder looks is that items in this design still have a slim strap. Rather than a full sleeve, this look has one that sits down the arm, leaving the shoulder bare. 
While the trend is relatively simple to wear, whether you're off for a night on the town or relaxing in the sun, there are a few different ways to style it. Here are some of the best options when it comes to wearing cold shoulder looks this season:

Hang loose

Hippie chic is the perfect option when it comes to the cold shoulder trend, with both styles going hand-in-hand. To combine the looks, opt for flowing dresses in light fabrics with wide sleeves.
You can bring a bit more shape to your ensemble with a wide belt, which will create an effortless hourglass effect. Complete the outfit with some strappy sandals, some layered statement bangles and - if you really want to go all out - a flower crown. 

Fitted chic

If you prefer something a bit more form-fitting, this style works great when it comes to bodycon dresses and fitted tops too. 
You can make dresses suitable for night with heels but also rock them during the day with sandals and even trainers. When it comes to tops, high-waisted jeans or shorts are definitely the way to go, helping to create a really flattering shape.
Finish your look off with a pair of statement earrings - like our rose gold chandelier earrings - and you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Take it to the max

Maxi dresses are another must-have when it comes to summer, as they are one of the most versatile and flattering items in your wardrobe. They also work really well with the cold shoulder trend, especially if you opt for dresses that are looser and feature flowing fabrics.
Rather than a full sleeve, the way to wear cold shoulder maxis is to opt for a style that has a loose ruffle falling on your arm to leave your shoulder bare. This adds a great amount of texture and turns your typical maxi dress into something different.