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Have you tried crystal nails yet?

We love a good nail trend and the one that has caught our eye recently is the crystal look. Rather than super sparkly 'crystal' nail varnishes, this trend is all about making your nails look like natural crystals and geodes. 

Similar to the marble manicure, the style uses white to create the impression if an uneven crystal surface. It works really well with nude colours - such as pale pinks - to create a subtle quartz look that still manages to stand out for all the right reasons.

However, you can also team it with slightly brighter tones, such as purple, to mimic various crystals. If you wanted to take it a few steps further, why not combine several shades together for a bold look or even use a glitter varnish or sparkly top coat for that extra touch.

Small gold highlights also work really well, as many crystals contain sections that look similar to the metallic hue. Using gold sparingly and in random places on different nails will continue the natural look of your crystal nails but help to elevate the trend slightly. 

While you can rock the look on all of your nails, we're big fans of using it on one or two to create a statement. This works well when you team it with matte nails, although we won't blame you if you also want to throw a glittery statement nail into the mix too. After all, the combination of textures will look really pretty and help each one to stand out even more.

Of course, simple painting your nails in line with the crystal trend isn't going to help catch people's eyes, which is where your rings come in. Teaming rings with your manicure can help you create a really stylish look and ensure that your nails are getting the attention they deserve.

Choose rings in a shade that works well with the one you've chosen for your nails, such as rose gold or pale yellow gold with rose pale pinks. This will create an attractive cohesion, and generally just look really pretty.  

It's also a good idea to opt for simple rings as they will help to highlight the effect of your crystal nails even more. This set of multi-tonal knotted rings is a great option, especially as you can create an on-trend multi-ring look. 

To really show off your crystal manicure this season, explore our full range of rings here