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How to mix and match your jewellery

With so many different jewellery styles available, you can be forgiven for wanting to wear them all. Luckily, this season makes it easier to do so as mixing and matching your jewellery is totally on-trend - perfect for those who can't make up their mind!

SS17 is all about being adventurous and creative, which means wearing different styles together to create one super style. You can achieve this by combining various looks throughout your clothes, accessories and jewellery.

To help you get the mixed jewellery part of your ensemble just right, we've put together some sure-fire tips and tricks to make it simple.

All the colours

Who said you need to wear gold jewellery with other gold pieces and silver with silver? For a subtle way of mixing and matching, combine different metallic tones together to introduce texture and highlight the contrast.

This is ideal if you're all about the simple and minimalist trend this season.

Matte and shiny

If you want to stick with one colour family - or even if you don't - wearing jewellery that has matte and shiny finishes helps to create a stylish and totally chic look that will have people looking twice. You can achieve this by wearing gems and crystals with matte metals too.

Get embellished

Love making a bit of a statement with your embellishments? Combine several different types to really showcase your style credentials. Beads, pearls and crystals can all be worn together, along with any other looks that catch your eye.

Throw some shapes

There are loads of different shapes that are on-trend for SS17, so why not wear a few different ones together? Team your floral designs with bold geometrics and have fun with mixing shapes up.

Clash like your life depends on it

If in doubt - clash! Throw anything and everything together to create a perfectly mixed-up outfit that will make you look like you've stepped off the runway.

Whatever mixed look you go for, find all the on-trend jewellery you need with Majique. Shop our collection here