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How to wear all the SS17 trends at once

When there are as many great trends to choose from as there are this season, it can be difficult to choose which to go with. Luckily, you don't need to stick to just one style per outfit as there are some really great ways to combine all your favourite trends without making your ensemble look totally out of place.

While wearing every single style at the same time might be too much and could risk giving people a headache, you can wear a few and still rock it. To help you work out how to combine all the SS17 looks you love, here are our top tips:

A strict colour palette

To start with, you need a set colour palette that you don't go outside of. This could mean that you want to feature shades of blue - from pastel to bold - or that you select no more than four colours for one look, with one or two being the main focus and the others being used as highlights. 

This will allow you to better match clothing from different styles without looking like you've thrown absolutely anything on. For example, you can wear a jumpsuit that features an all-over pink floral design either with a pink coat with 80s shoulder pads, or a jacket in another shade to create a contrast. 

However you choose to wear colours, make sure you also pay attention to your makeup and jewellery, as the featuring the wrong shades can totally undo your hard work. Either match them to a colour you're featuring or keep them both neutral.

Contrast your silhouette 

It isn't just colours that are a big part of SS17, the shape of your ensemble can also ensure your outfit is on trend this season. Layered fabrics, ruffles and belts are all aspects of summer fashion that have made it onto the runway and high street. What's great about all of these, is that they are easy to team together to create a look that embraces all the trends.

Light fabrics are the key for both layers and ruffles in order to not look like your outfit is swamping you. Tulle and chiffon are big winners that also tie in well with the trend for sheer materials, adding an extra element. Wearing layered skirts - which can be knee-length or maxi styles - with a ruffled top is sure to be on the money for SS17.

However, the two together can be a bit much, which is where the trend for statement belts comes into play. Create an hourglass silhouette that contrasts with the flowing layered fabrics and ruffles by wearing a thick belt around your waist. This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce a shock of colour to combine tips.

Add small touches

You don't need to go big when wearing several trends together, as small touches can help combine several looks into one outfit. This means you can easily throw on a slogan top and jeans - or a tulle skirt - and some jewellery in order to rock numerous SS17 styles.

For example, you can add this blue tassel statement necklace to your ensemble to introduce another two trends, while these pink rose stud earrings will add a small and subtle but on-trend touch to your look.

If you do use jewellery to add several trends and colours to your outfit, make sure the rest of it is fairly subtle so you aren't layering too much up at the same time. It's all about balance, which means that sometimes, less is still more.

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