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New nail art to look fabulous with your rings this season

If you're anything like us, most of you out there will have tried nail art at some point. A few years ago, adding a foil flower or butterfly to your manicure was de rigeur for a night out.

This type of nail art did fall out of favour for a while, with many fashionistas opting to stick to simple, rich colours and perhaps different hues on one finger instead of decoration per se.

However, nail art is now set to make a return - albeit with a few changes. Sally Hansen's global colour ambassador Madeline Poole told Marie Claire magazine that this time it's cooler and altogether more minimalist - and with party season ahead of us, it might be time to give it another chance.

Madeline said the biggest look for AW17 is bracelet nails, which use a lot of negative space and a strong base colour. What's more, they're really easy to do and won't take ages while you're frantically trying to get ready.

All you need to do is start with your favourite nail varnish in a rich, deep tone such as cobalt or wine and paint on two coats as usual. Next, take a lighter shade, preferably a shimmery, metallic one, and dip a cocktail stick in it.

Then, paint a line across your nail diagonally using the tool. All you need to do then is add some rhinestones along the line, seal in with a top coat and voila! Bracelet nails for the party season.

This is already a big trend we're starting to see creep in on Instagram, so you might want to give it a try now if you want to get ahead, especially if you've got an event coming up or you like to be fashionable at work.

If you're taking snaps for your social media accounts, we'd also recommend finishing off your look with some on-trend rings. All the fashion bloggers are wearing statement rings right now and they're the perfect complement to a great manicure.

We have a range of stacker rings in stock, which you can wear all on one finger or at different heights on different fingers.

Geometric rings are also huge news, as are tall styles with angel wings, which you're sure to have seen somewhere on Instagram.

Give the nouveau mani a try, add your jewellery and then show us how you get on - we'd love to see the stylish results!