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Quick tips to pull off minimalist jewellery

By now you probably know all about some of the bigger and bolder SS17 trends. Bright colours, florals, full tulle skirts and many other looks are giving you the perfect excuse to take your wardrobe to the next level. However, they aren't always the perfect options.

Sometimes, you just want a soft, subtle and chic look, whether it's for day or night. Lucky for you, minimalist fashion is just as on-trend this season and some of the more out-there styles.

Whether you enjoy making the most of quiet pastels, are partial to simple-yet-flattering sun dresses or just want an easy way to dress up your jeans and T-shirt combo, minimalist jewellery is the way forward. Here are some of the best ways to wear it for summer:

Delicate necklaces 

It isn't just statement necklaces that can turn heads, more delicate options can be the perfect little touches to your look and still manage to draw the eye. This season, subtle necklaces are all about fine chains and single pendants.

This look works well whether you're after a long, short or choker-style necklace, with these options meaning there is something for every outfit. For a great all-rounder, you can't beat our chic silver pendant necklace, which will work with dresses, shirts and plain tops.

Subtle studs

One of the best minimalist types of jewellery has to be earrings. Simple stud styles can add a small touch of sparkle to your outfit without being too obvious or over the top. This can allow you to continue a theme or even just feel a bit more dressed up during the day.

There are a lot of different types of studs to choose from, however, this season is all about geometric shapes and metallic shades. Rather than gemstones or glittering embellishments, choose earrings with a simple shape in yellow gold, silver or rose gold.

A great example of this is our pair of worn rose gold hexagonal stud earrings, which will go with any SS17 ensemble.

Understated rings

If you invest in just one type of jewellery this season, it should be rings. They are the ultimate must-have for spring and summer, allowing you to create a huge range of styles. Whether you wear a single simple ring or team a few together to create a multi-ring look, having a couple of understated options to hand is a must for all fashionistas.

Steer clear of rings that feature large designs or bright embellishments, opting for metallic styles in plain bands or that feature elegant and simple shapes. This gold metallic bar ring is the perfect example and will look great with absolutely anything.

Find your perfect on-trend minimalist jewellery for SS17 by shopping our full collection here