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Sleeve slits for spring - Wear the latest trend

Long sleeves are getting a bit of a revamp this season. We all know how great long sleeves can look, whether you're wearing knitwear, jackets, shirts or dresses. They add a practical edge that is smart and chic.

However, SS17 is mixing up long-sleeved styles by adding a slit into the mix. That's right, it isn't just skirts that can feature slits, as sleeves are getting the same treatment.

You might think this sounds a bit odd, but the look means you get to enjoy the benefits of long sleeves in a slightly cooler way while showing off some extra skin. The result is sophisticated, edgy and the perfect option if you want to rock bracelets this season.

That's right, this trend is the ideal one to wear if you love a good bracelet and want to show yours off without having to deal with cold arms. Whether your sleeves are fully slitted or just offer a subtle nod to the style, it means you can showcase your favourite bracelets.

To help you style this trend, we've got the perfect tips and the best SS17 bracelets.

Full slits

If you're wearing an outfit that features full slits on the sleeve - or if you're going sleeveless but wearing a cape - you can afford to go big, bold and beautiful with your bracelets. As more of your arm is on show. Wearing a large piece of jewellery won't be too much so you can make a statement.

This is why our green stone and gold cuff bracelet is a lovely option, with the modern design going so well with this look. You can wear it on its own or match it to another cuff bracelet on the other wrist. 

A bit of skin

Those wearing sleeves that feature a slit up to the elbow should avoid going quite as big with your bracelets, although you can still make a statement. Choose a simple bracelet that uses texture or colour to stand out rather than a lot of detail.

Our stunning silver stud texture bracelet is a lovely choice as it will stand out without being too much. It also comes in a mixed tone option if you want to try something bolder. 

Small and subtle

Small sleeve slits that just show off your wrist need a more subtle approach. This doesn't mean skipping out on bracelets altogether, though, as slim and simple styles will allow you to add a bit of bling but ensure your outfit doesn't become unbalanced.

Pieces like this gold triangle detail bangle will work well with this type of sleeve slit. The elegant design features an on-trend geometric shape while the chain material adds plenty of texture. 

If you like the look of this trend for spring, shop our latest range of bracelets here