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Space-aged metallic looks to try for SS17

One of the biggest trends this season is metallics. Shiny shades are featuring throughout numerous styles for SS17, which means you definitely need to embracing them if you haven't already.

Of course, the metallic trend doesn't call for you to dress from head to toe in shiny fabrics, as there are plenty of ways you can wear look without going totally over the top. Here are some great ways to wear metallics that will help you change up your style:

Statement lips

You might think that metallic lips are a bit much, but this look is becoming much more common on the high street, with people rocking it for both day and night. You can go subtle by adding a soft metallic sheen to bare lips or over your usual lipstick, which gives a small nod to the trend. Alternatively, choose a bold metallic shade and make your lips stand out!

Blues, purples, pinks and greens all look fab in metallic finishes, and can be worn in pastel colours or dark shades, depending on your preference. Either way, the result is really effective and is sure to make you stand out for the right reasons.

Mirror nails

One look we are loving right now is mirror nails. Whether you have long talons or short nails, this look is brilliant and really easy to achieve. All you need is a metallic nail varnish and a high shine top coat - you can opt for a glitter one if you want extra sparkle.

Paint two or three coats of varnish until the colour is fully even, and then finish off with the top coat. Draw further attention to your nails by teaming them with a statement ring that also features the metallic trend.

Blingy jewellery

If you want a really easy way to wear metallics, jewellery definitely has your back. You can wear any metallic jewellery for day and night, fitting the look in with your usual style or mixing things up a bit.

To really rock this look, you want to choose jewellery that is super shiny and doesn't have a lot of texture. This will mean that the smooth surfaces will reflect more light and make the metallic shade stand out even more.

Pieces like our rose gold layered band bracelet or our silver square pendant statement necklace are totally on-trend for this style.

All the accessories

You can team any or all of these looks with some metallic accessories to take your outfit even further. Shiny bags, shoes, purses, belts and any other accessories you can think of will all take the style up another notch and will work with other metallic items too - even if you don't match colours on everything.

Explore our stunning range of jewellery here to complete your on-trend metallic look