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SS17's hottest shoe trends

The warmer and drier weather of spring and summer means that you can pack away your sensible winter shoes and start showing your feet off.

Whether you like heels or flats, sandals or pumps, spring and summer is all about pretty footwear that makes a statement. After all, how else are you going to complete your on-trend SS17 look?

To help you look your best and wear the styles that are hot for the new season, here are the shoes you need to be wearing:

Anything in satin

That's right, satin isn't just making a comeback for handbags and chic shirts, it looks fab when it comes to footwear too. This fabric looks amazing on heels or flats, as well as in light colours or deep tones. However you wear satin this season, you're sure to look amazing.

Go block or go home

You may not have seen this style since the 1990s, but block heels are must-wears for SS17. Forget kitten or stiletto, it is all about slightly chunky shoes, which is great news if you want comfortable heels. Team your block heels with a strappy design to help lighten them up and you'll look fab in any summer dress.

It's all in the details

Do you like to express yourself through your shoes? This season is definitely right up your street as shoes that include fun details are soon to be all over the place. Don't be afraid to wear a simple outfit and let your shoes do all the talking.

Blinged-up flats

No longer are flats your boring comfortable shoes, SS17 is taking them to the next level. Enjoy stepping out in sparkly and heavily detailed flat shoes, even more so because your toes will be comfortable!

Strikingly simple statements

Sometimes it's the small touches that make the biggest statement and that is certainly the case with this shoe trend. Small touches that make a big impact are all the range this season and will help you step up your style game without being too loud. Add texture with feathers, choose a heel in a fancy shape or opt for unusual materials to help your shoes stand out.

Whatever shoe trend you choose to rock for SS17, find the perfect jewellery to match and finish your style in our latest collection.

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