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Styling khaki for summer

Although bright colours are one of the hottest looks for SS17, more neutral tones are also perfectly on-trend. You don't need to rock pinks, yellows and blues this season to fit in with the looks on the catwalk and high street, instead, you could make the most of khaki.

That's right, one of the colours that's blowing up for spring and summer is khaki, offering you a chance to make your outfits a little bit more on the subtle side. You might not think khaki is particularly stylish, but this versatile tone can be worn in so many ways, with different shades meaning there's something for every skin tone.

Don't believe us? Why not try out one of these looks and see for yourself?

Tailored perfection

You can't beat a bit of tailoring and that's definitely what the designers seem to think. Flattering suits, trousers and dresses that all create or showcase stunning hourglass figures through careful and tailoring are all the rage right now and khaki is the perfect colour for this trend. 

Make your tailored styles less severe by steering clear of blacks, whites and navy blues and opt for soft khaki tones instead. Team with flowing fabrics to create a contrast and you'll be onto a winning ensemble.

Feminine styles

Khaki has a long history when it comes to men's fashions and military looks, so why not switch things up a bit? Opting for wonderfully feminine designs like long, flowing dresses and traditional floral patterns allow you to showcase this shade in a new way and mix up your style.

The colour looks nice and clean no matter how you wear it, so don't be afraid to throw in some watercolour patterns, bows, pleats and thrills, all of which are on-trend for SS17.

Pinky hues

While you don't want to detract from the khaki colour, there are some shades that provide a great contrast and work really well it, including pinks. Of course, this doesn't mean you should wear hot pink with your khaki ensemble as this might be a bit too much, instead, wear both colours with a delicate touch.

Rose gold jewellery is ideal for teaming with khaki, adding a feminine element that is chic and wonderfully subtle. Opt for jewellery that just features the metallic tone - such as our rose gold bar bangle -  rather than any glitzy embellishments and your look will be completely perfect for the season.

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