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Trade alert: How to accessorise a dreamy summer's eve

We often complain here in Britain that we never get a real summer, but that certainly hasn't been the case this year. Endless days of sunshine and balmy nights have resulted in plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors in our downtime.

However, rather than wanting to implement new exercise regimes or go on long walks, we've found that a golden summer has encouraged us to glam up and sit in a beer garden, or share a lazy weekend afternoon in the park with our pals, leafing through the fashion magazines.

In our defence, though, there are reasons why summer days make us dreamy and lazy. In 2012, a Harvard study showed that when the weather improves, productivity falls because we start to focus on what we'd rather be doing and concentrate less on our everyday tasks.

Furthermore, the brain uses lots of glucose trying to cool us down in a heatwave, depleting us of our stores for mental processing. That's why, when you look back, summer days can seem like a time outside your real life - they're ethereal and rose-tinted.

Anyway, we digressed with the science there, but the point is that it's no surprise this daydream-iness translates into our fashion at this time of year.

It's why you'll see lots of floaty fabrics and fairy-like dresses made from tulle and silk, things you wouldn't be able to get away with in the depths of winter.

As jewellery buyers, you can make the most of this by stocking up on plenty of dreamy, summery accessories and then showcasing them to your customers alongside suggestions for entire outfits.

For example, floaty maxi skirts in a sheer fabric over slips can be great for evenings out in the aforementioned beer gardens.

To get this look, anything billowy or drapy goes, with the aim being to appear soft and feminine (floral headdresses and daisy chains are optional).

You will, of course, want some suggestions for accessory collections too, so we've put together a few for you here and have much more to browse on our website.

This bangle in rose gold tones with a pink stone is reminiscent of fairy lore and would be perfect with any ethereal outfit, while this one in pink, lilac and mauve enamel is a little more grounded but would still fit the bill.

Natural materials are as big for this type of fashion as they are in boho, so these earrings in matt rhodium-look with a wooden decoration are going to look great all summer long.

We also love this bracelet with chunky brown stones and, in particular, this one with a fabric strap, rhinestones and mixed metal beads that will take you right through to autumn.

Why not take a look at our summer range - before you head off into the garden with a cool drink, of course.