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Trade alert: Take a retro return to the 1970s with groovy fashion trends

The 1970s often get a bad press fashion-wise - we tend to look back with scorn on the flowery prints, fluffy hair and garish colours and consign them to an era of bad taste.

But look more closely and you'll see that it's unfair to write off the entire decade. Actually, there were some sartorial gems in there, mixed up with the faux pas that we might have seen on reruns of Top of the Pops.

And that's something that the big fashion houses seem to have realised this season, as they've been talking inspiration from the 1970s to form part of their new collections for autumn and winter.

So, what things from that era are worth salvaging to form new fashions, you might ask?

Well, there are the colours, for one thing. Not the questionable bright oranges, yellows and purples, but the more muted and earthy browns, camels and beiges.

Look closely and you'll see that these tones are everywhere at the moment, spurred by designers like Fendi, Chloe, Dior and Gucci sending them down their runways in abundance.

And don't feel you have to put these similar tones together, because Fendi and co showed us that the on-trend browns can easily be sported alongside black for a really fresh feel and a new take on an old trend.

Another big 1970s look that's back again is corduroy. Once seen as the preserve of only geography teachers and librarians, a penchant for geek chic has catapulted this fabric back into the limelight. 

What's more, you'd be surprised how versatile it is and what a fab alternative it can offer to denim for laid-back daytime chic. Wear cord in blazer form with trousers and a jersey tee, or as a mini-skirt with knee-high boots for instant style points.

One final trend worth highlighting is wide-leg trousers. After years of skinny jeans and ankle-grazers, we're ready for something different - and a wide leg is also excellent for flattering your figure.

Tailored wide-leg trousers (perhaps even in corduroy) will be perfect for the office, while high-waisted wide jeans create off-duty poise, lengthening the legs and slimming the waistline.

As jewellery buyers, you'll find that this is an ideal trend to stock up on and start offering to your customers, as it's so versatile - a lot of fashion jewellery will go with 1970s clothing fashions.

To complement brown and camel tones, we love this tiger's eye-look necklace, while this amber-look style is also perfect alongside these types of hues.

The 1970s were famous for their funky patterns, so you can offer up a nod to that with this geometric-style bracelet, which will look great paired with a cord pinafore dress and roll-neck tee.

For earrings, look to more dangly, hippy chic pieces such as these filigree drops or these with wooden inserts, as they will also help to create that laid-back, free-spirited vibe the era was so renowned for.

Try taking pictures of suggested outfits alongside the fashion jewellery you have in stock, as this can help customers put ensembles together and encourage purchases from your site.

Follow this trend for 1970s fashion and you should find your autumn and winter are truly groovy, baby!