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Transitional looks for autumn

Now that the summer is starting to draw to a close, it's time to look for great transitional outfits that will help you get through weather that can't make up its mind. While autumn is just around the corner, the chances are we'll still get some warm weather over the next few weeks, so it isn't time to start wearing your jumpers just yet. 

Of course, this isn't to say that we're going to be lucky enough to experience brilliant sunshine, as things are going to cool down - if not also get rained on - so you need to take this into account. However, preparing for both eventualities, especially as the British weather can change before you know it, is not always easy to do.

To help create outfits that look good and keep you comfortable no matter what as we head toward autumn, try out these style tips:

Layers, layers, layers

When it comes to going from summer to autumn, layers are your best friend. Using layers to create your look means that you're set for cooler weather but also have the option to remove some items if it gets too warm. 

Light tops, scarves and jackets can all serve to make your summer wardrobe more suited for autumn but allow you change things up in an instant. This means you can continue wearing all the looks you've been loving over the last few months without having to worry about freezing.

Go for leggings

Autumn doesn't mean you have to give up on your favourite summer dresses, especially if the days are still fairly bright. However, bare legs are far from fun when the temperatures do drop, and no one wants to have to decide between style and comfort - high heels not included.

Team your dresses and skirts with leggings to add an extra layer that will still ensure you look good. While tights are also a good option, they aren't quite as warm so probably won't serve you as well in October. Leggings will cover your legs, keep them cosy and look great with a dress and ankle boots.

Long-sleeved tops

You may have leggings to keep your legs warm, but if your dress comes with short sleeves, you'll probably still feel the chill. While jackets and cardigans are a great addition to outfits in this case, adding a long-sleeved top underneath your dress can look really cute.

Long-sleeved tops are functional and can easily ensure you get more wear out of your summer wardrobe. You can also team them with shorts and skirts to create great ensembles that are ideal for autumn. 

Wear your sleeves with statement bracelets for the perfect on-trend look for AW17, which will really help you transition into the new season. 

Pick your accessories

Accessories are also a great way to create a transitional wardrobe while also being functional. Add hats and scarves to your outfits for a cute autumn twist that will also keep you warm. 

Statement scarves can add colour to an outfit, and are suitable for wearing both inside and outdoors, meaning you can get plenty of use out of them. Slouch beanies, berets and wide-brimmed trilbys are also staples for autumns that can go really well with summer styles. 

Both of these accessories work really well with stud earrings and the multi-ring trend, which add a bit of bling without being too heavy. 

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