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Tulle and sparkle: How to style SS17's hottest trend

One of the biggest trends for the spring and summer season is tulle. This light fabric has been used to create layered skirts and dresses that have a fairytale quality to them while still being stylish and chic.

Whether you want a ballgown vibe with a floor-length skirt or go for something cute like a short tutu, this look is a winning option. It's no wonder that so many designers have chosen to feature tulle pieces in their collections or that it has been a popular choice for celebs on the red carpet.

But how do you style tulle to really show it off? While the fabric can look substantial when layered up, it is still very delicate, which can make styling it a little bit difficult. Here are our top tips for wearing tulle dresses this season:

Avoid patterns

Tulle adds a lot of texture to a look so you don't need to overcomplicate your style by introducing patterns as well. If you're wearing a layered tulle skirt, wear a simple top in a block colour, while tulle dresses should be teamed with shoes and bags in subtle designs. 

Wear complementary colours

Everyone loves contrasting shades as they can help to create a statement in an easy way. However, because tulle is so delicate, wearing clashing colours can totally overpower it.

This means you're best off wearing colours that really work together. Not only can this mean teaming pastel shades or soft tones together in your tulle outfit, but colours like black and gold can be striking while still keeping your look simple.

Go simple with jewellery

That's right, leave your complicated statement pieces at home as simple jewellery is definitely the way forward with tulle. Pieces like our asymmetric black and silver earrings will go perfectly with tulle looks for both day and night without unbalancing your outfit.  

However, you can still go big with your jewellery so long as it is simple in design. This is why our silver twisted statement necklace could be the best option for completing your tulle outfit.

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