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You can't beat bright: 3 ways to wear fuchsia this summer

The summer always brings with it a selection of bright and bold shades, with the sun inspiring colourful outfits. While there are plenty of eye-catching tones to choose from, one you need to be wearing this season is fuchsia.

Rather than bubblegum and pastel shades of pink that have been popular over the last couple of years, SS17 is all about going as bright as you can with fuchsia. The shade can look surprisingly elegant, making it a great choice for both day and night - so long as you know how to style it.

Here are our top tips for rocking fuchsia this summer:

Bright spots

A little bit of fuchsia goes a long way, so using it to accent your ensemble can make a big impact. Opting for fuchsia shoes, handbags, makeup and jewellery can help add a bit of colour to your outfit and allow you to experiment without going OTT.

Try a bright fuchsia lip, handbag and heels to offset subtler colours and inject some summer warmth into your look. You can also add the shade through jewellery, with pieces like our abstract fuchsia statement earrings making a big impact.

Lighten it up

While you want to go big and bold with your shade of fuchsia, there are a few ways to lighten the look up slightly. The fabrics you choose can make a big difference and can help the colour look a bit softer.

Floaty materials, such as those used in maxi dresses, are great options, while the shade also works great with this season's tulle trend. Team a layered fuchsia tulle skirt with a simple white top and accessories and you'll be onto a winner.

Colourful layers

Of course, a great way to add some fuchsia to your look is to go for layers, which are a requirement during the British summer. A jacket or coat in this shade will allow you to add the colour to any outfit, as well as remove it when it's a bit much.

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