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Autumn in bloom

Florals have long been a springtime favourite, but as we move towards autumn-winter they show no signs of fading into the background.

No, instead we've got a host of darker colours, such as black, red, purple and navy blue injecting some new life into this classic trend. Lush blooms and vibrant hues are used in contrast against dark silks and chiffons, creating a really dramatic, enigmatic look.

I'm loving the dark, romantic look filled with reds, oranges and blacks across high-necked dresses and coats with long, silky skirts. Dress it up with smoky eyes, stained lips and tousled hair for a powerful statement vibe.

Whether you fancy trying the oriental bloom prints or a more graphic, modern floral pattern remember to keep your colour choices dark with flashes of colour.

Here is how to create the perfect floral-inspired look for autumn.

Pick loud prints

In order to capture this look right you need to use bold prints within your autumn-winter wardrobe as the base of this theme. Wrap-around kimono blouses are proving particularly popular and look great worn over a little black dress or simple tee and pencil skirt combination.

Alternatively, wear a black midi skirt with a vibrant floral print across it in fiery colours such as flame orange, yellow and cadmium red. While the backdrop needs to be black the brighter the colours in your clothing the more fun you can have with accessories further down the line.

While oversized patterns and bold sections of flowers may look very striking they aren't for everyone, and if you're not ready to commit to this trend then try wearing a simple black outfit and dressing it up with the help of an oriental blossom print scarf or statement handbag featuring floral motifs.

Coordinate with jewellery

Once you've selected a dark outfit with floral accents you can continue this theme with your jewellery choices. This could be something similar such as a pair of black stud earrings in a floral motif or a statement ring with a rose at the centre.

My favourite way to use jewellery within this look is to pick out one of the colours from your outfit, such as white, yellow or red and contrast it against the predominantly black ensemble. This is a really striking way to tie your whole look together and really unite the colour scheme. Plus a little attention to detail when it comes to colours always looks brilliant!

One piece I have fallen in love with is Majique's oversized red floral necklace with its beautiful beaded chain, spiked floral clusters and dangling bejewelled detail. The combination of the dark red colour and the metallic gold is stunning and this is just the type of statement necklace the dark autumn floral look requires.

Ideally I would wear it with a simple black short-sleeved blouse and a black midi skirt with a red, yellow and orange floral print across one side. That way I can continue on the colour scheme with my unique necklace.

Dare to try dark makeup

Once you've perfected layering jewellery with this dark floral theme it's time to experiment with makeup. Don't be afraid to be a bit more couture than usual, I totally recommend looking to the catwalk for some inspiration.

Of course during the day a simple dark red lip stain will do the trick, but come nightfall you can show off your darker side with smoky black kohl liner and a dusky charcoal shadow, as well as lashings of mascara. You can then introduce a subtle hint of colour with a dark red or raspberry lip tint.

Alternatively, why not make your lips the focal point of your makeup look? Give your eyes defined brows and a simple slick of black eyeliner and some mascara before trying out some dramatic lip shades. You simply can't beat a dark blood red colour, especially if it is rich and glossy, but remember that during autumn berry hues are also very popular so practice with plums and deep blackberry shades to find a colour that works for you.

Wear your hair in loose waves or tie back into a low-slung ponytail for a high-fashion edge.

Posted by Sophie