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Be ready for autumn with our new collection!

We're already getting ready for the autumn season and our AW16 collection is starting to look seriously amazing! We'll have more jewellery to add to it soon enough, but what we've already picked out is sure to be perfect for your style.

To help you start getting your wardrobe ready for the end of summer, here are some of our favourite pieces from the AW16 collection so far:

Rose gold drop earrings

We've been a bit obsessed with rose gold tones this year and things aren't changing anytime soon. Our new textured rose gold drop earrings are really gorgeous and will work with the hot colours for autumn perfectly.

They feature a hoop attached to a fish hook fastening with fine chains and all-over texture that really picks up the light. While they're simple in design, they'll be ideal for both day and night, which is why we really love them.

Square bangles

Layered bangles have been a popular choice for SS16 and it looks like the style is going to be big for the rest of the year. However, we're mixing things up by offering bangles in a mixture of shapes.

This set of square and circle bangles creates a modern and chic look, while the combination of rose gold and gunmetal colours helps the difference in shapes stand out more. These bangles can be worn together or individually, making them a really versatile choice.

Vintage rings

Another ongoing trend that we can't get enough of is the vintage style, which we are fully embracing for the autumn season. Highly detailed pieces, lots of glitter and plenty of elements to turn heads are the order of the day with this look.

Our vintage statement ring has all of this in spades and is the perfect option for those embracing the vintage trend fully, as well as fashionistas looking to switch up their modern wardrobe.

If you want to be ready for autumn, check out our latest collection here