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Cosy up in a teddy coat this winter

If there's one item of clothing that we regularly invest in, it's a good coat. Living where we do, the climate makes them a necessity rather than just a fashion statement - and we're in them from October until about May!

We've already seen some coat-related trends this winter, but now there's another one on the block: the teddy coat.

They're not faux fur and not shearling or sheepskin, but tread the middle ground instead and so look fuzzy and cosy - like a teddy bear, hence the name.

This is one trend we're positively thrilled with, because not only is it going to win us maximum style points, but it'll also ensure we're warm no matter what the weather has to throw at us!

Supermodel and yummy mummy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has already got one and was photographed looking fabulous in it in New York just a few days ago, while the ever-lovely Sarah Jessica Parker has also been spotted out and about in hers.

The last time the teddy coat was back was the winter of 2013, but it look set to have a much bigger run this time around and is also rocking a much more 1970s vibe, according to Marie Claire magazine. If you want inspiration, look to the collections of Chloe, Miu Miu, Max Mara and Sandy Liang, all of who paraded their models in them for AW17-18.

Not only will the teddy coat keep you warm, but it's also really easy to add to any outfit. You can put your floaty party dresses on underneath it and look stylish, but it will appear equally as good with your wide leg camel trousers, jeans and anything in between.

When it comes to accessories, we love to see a teddy coat complemented with worn gold tones. This is perhaps because so many of them are available in caramel and camel tones this year that they just go together perfectly.

This chunky gold tone necklace would be ideal and is also large enough to stand out against a big coat. You can also get the matching bracelet here.

However, there are lots of other colours available, so it's really just a case of looking at your coat and seeing what you think will be a match. Don't be afraid to glam it up with some sparkle if you think the occasion calls for it.

What do you think? Will you be investing in a teddy coat? We will here at Majique HQ - and you'll probably have to prise them off us come spring!