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Customer loyalty affected by retailers charity donations

Retailers could see a greater degree of loyalty from customers if they were to make a donation when a transaction is made online. 

Polly Gowers, chief executive and founder of Give as you Live, told the Retail Bulletin that consumers would be likely to spend more money if a brand supported charities.

New research from Give as you Live has found that many customers believe that a retailer that gives to charity has the edge over those that don't.

However, it is not enough to give to just any charity, as more than 80 per cent of shoppers would prefer to choose a charity for the donation to be made to, rather than contributing to those chosen by a retailer. 

Ms Gowers told the news provider: “The shopper can see the commissions paid by all the retailers and we can see them shifting to those retailers with the highest percentages going to the charity. The sales levels are noticeably different."