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Customers want technology to aid shopping

Half of shoppers want sales assistants to have access to tablets in order to check stock levels, according to a new survey.

Talking to 2,000 UK adults, the survey - performed by Omnico - found that half of consumers want shop workers to use tablets to find products in the shortest amount of time.

Of those surveyed, 53 per cent also said that they want tablets to be used to check stock in nearby stores to improve the shopping experience.

Many larger brands - such as Apple - make use of shop floor tablets to answer customer queries, while some stores, including Marks and Spencer, have introduced multi-touch kiosks to reduce the amount of time customers spending queuing.

Steve Thomas chief technology officer at Omnico, said: “Retail customers are not asking for the Earth, but rather for a fuss-free service that saves time, increases convenience and improves their overall experience.

"If customers can browse, check stock and pay on a mobile device from the comfort of their homes, then they should be able to do the same in-store."