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Daring to bare this winter? Statement earrings are a must

If you're being brave this winter and are opting for a Christmas party frock that features a sweetheart neckline or strapless design, you definitely want to make the most of it. 

These styles aren't for everyone when the cold weather hits as many people would much rather go for the season's high necklines. However, if you are willing to face the chill and choose fashion over function, you want to be sure to choose the right jewellery so as to let your brave choice really shine.

While you might think that a statement necklace is the right way to go when wearing sweetheart necklines or going strapless, they can detract from your neckline choice and be quite heavy. If you want to go for a really elegant look that still turns heads, you might consider going for statement earrings instead.

Although studs are the go-to choice for the season, you can still be on-trend and wear larger earring styles. Rather than over-the-top chandelier earrings, think more streamlined with plenty of sparkle.

Tassels are a great option for this as they look pretty, add bling and also introduce a sense of texture and movement to your look. These silver chain tassel statement earrings are a beautiful and modern choice that will suit any low neckline style this season.

The simple silver stud is contrasted against a layered silver tassel, helping the earrings to stand out without including any huge details or bright colour. With the long style of these earrings, they will draw the eye whether you wear your hair up or down and add enough sparkle that you can get away with being otherwise jewellery free.

You could go slightly more subtle with the tassel look for a really elegant finish to your outfit by choosing a pair of earrings that feature finer chains. These silver bead and tassel earrings are really beautiful and delicate.

Rather than a large stud, the earrings have a fish hook fastening, meaning the entire focus is on the tassels. These are interspersed with silver and clear beads, adding sparkle and even more movement.

The longer tassel style ensures they still make a statement without being too obvious about it, making them a great option for wearing with simple dress styles this festive party season.