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Get in the festive spirit: Dress up with Christmas colours

Christmas is just around the corner; in fact it is just over a week away! If you aren't already in the festive mood, opting to add some Christmas colours into your wardrobe could help you adopt some of the season's spirit. 

One of the best things about Christmas is how bright and cheerful the colours are, which makes them the perfect choice for adding a festive touch to your outfit. 

Reds, greens and golds are the main shades of the season, not to mention being on-trend in the fashion world right now, and can help to add a bit of cheer to your look without being tacky with it.

Rather than wearing novelty Christmas jewellery, such as holly earrings or light-up necklaces, choosing jewellery that features these tones can help you be a bit more subtle and chic.

You definitely want to select pieces that have a bit of sparkle to them, which means diamantes and gemstones are a good way to go. This lightens up the colours slightly and stops them from looking a little immature.

However, you can also go for revamped acrylic jewellery if it features shades with a slightly transparent effect. Something like this red statement acrylic necklace is a lovely choice and will add a very vibrant touch to your look.  

It features layered red beads and a chunky gold chain to create a really warm piece that will work well the neutral tones of the season - black, white and grey - as well as deeper luxe shades of crimson. 

When it comes to wearing green, you can either go more vibrant with the shade by choosing something glitzy, which works well with silver shades to create a cooler of look, or take it dark. Going deeper with green works really well as then the colour is reminiscent of winter holly and it works with the luxury trend.

Something like this gold chain and green epoxy statement necklace is incredibly simple but very effective. The gloss of the green catches the eye without going over the top, while the rich tone will look stunning alongside other gold pieces for a subtly festive style.