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Get more mileage from midi skirts with a chunky jumper

Midi skirts have been around as a trend for some time now and we've enjoyed wearing them over the summer with tucked-in tees, particularly in shades and fabrics like grey jersey to go with every colour.

You might have assumed - as did we - that with the arrival of the colder weather comes the time for the midi to be consigned to the wardrobe in favour of something more autumnal.

However, that's not the case this year. All the big fashion houses paraded midi skirts down the runways once more for AW17, only this time paired with chunky jumpers as a style statement. Everyone from Balenciaga and Christopher Kane to Dior had some form of this trend on show, which is when you know it's definitely a thing.

This is great news as far as we're concerned, because it means we get more mileage from our favourite pieces, plus we'll be lovely and warm!

Of course, it's not unusual to see skirts worn with knitwear - lots of you will already be rocking denim or cord minis with tights and long boots, as well as maxis with slim-fit polo necks.

But midi skirts are something slightly different, and it'll be a welcome change to see fashionistas sporting them this autumn and winter. Don't be put off by the suddenly different look of a mid-length hemline - give it a try and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Try putting a fluffy mohair jumper with a really smooth satin skirt for a textured feel, or a leather midi with a khaki roll-neck jumper for a really cosy autumnal look.

You can even adopt this trend if you want classy formal-wear - just find a full A-line midi skirt and put it with a figure-fitting top in a luxe fabric like cashmere. Think Carrie Bradshaw with her high heels and prom queen chic and you won't go far wrong!

As a general tip, it's easier to pull off the midi-with-jumper trend if you opt for a shorter sweater because it defines the waist and makes everything altogether sharper. If you're struggling to find suitable jewellery because pieces are getting lost amid chunky necklines, leave necklaces to one side and select a statement earring instead.

We love these AW17 new arrivals, which are in a worn gold tone to reflect the pretty falling leaves we're seeing right now.