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Get the look: Bracelet stacking

We all know that cuff bracelets are a great look for SS15, however, it isn't the only bracelet trend to have emerged this year. Stacked bangles are a big look for the season and are ideal for those that want to make a statement while adding texture to their outfit.

This trend works for both day and night and can fit with many of the styles that are emerging for summer. From boho to 1970's flair, all you have to do is select a range of bracelets that work with your chosen fashion in order to pull off the look.

Once you've decided on your trend, you need to consider how big a statement you want to make. This will impact the number of bracelets you decide to stack. After all, you don't want to go for a bold look if you are after a subtle style. 

Choose bracelets that offer something different so they create a stylish contrast. This means you can mix colours, embellishments, size, material and shape however you want. So long as you create an attractive balance and each individual piece works well with the rest of your outfit, you can't really go wrong.

Think about introducing chains, fabric, slim and chunky pieces, as well as standard bangles, as this can help create a more effective result. 

You then have to decide whether you're just going to layer them up on one wrist or wear them on both. Once again, this is all about the overall look you are aiming for. 

You may be surprised to find that splitting your bracelets and wearing them over both wrists can create a softer look than piling them on just one. Experiment to see what you like best, remember, there really are no rules with this look. 

Then all you have to do is rock it, which means having the confidence to pull off the style.